photo: Waldemar Kielichowski © Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw

Classification: 3 Chordophones / 32 Composite chordophones / 321 Lutes / 321.3 Handle lutes / 321.32 Necked lutes / 321.32-7 Necked lutes sounded by bowing
Maker: Świder Feliks
Date: ca 1955
Village / Town: Golcowa
Region: Subcarpathia
Country: Poland
Owner: Franciszek Kotula Ethnographic Museum in Rzeszów
Inventory number: MRE 1956
Description: flat body made of a single piece of wood; neck and pegbox made separately and glued to the body; fingerboard and brass top nut nailed to the body
Decoration: body coated with light brown oil; f-holes painted with black paint on the body; black-painted fingerboard, pegbox partially painted black
Measurements: 440 x 243 x 25 mm
Materials: wood, metal
Sound compass, tuning: possibly in 5th, g – d1 – a1 – e2
Performance practice: small dimensions and negligent performance indicate it may have been a children's instrument
Catalog card by: Jolanta Pękacz / Zbigniew J. Przerembski

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