pipe (bird call whistle)

photo: Waldemar Kielichowski © Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw

Oliwia Świerczek, The Golec Brothers Foundation; rec. Maciej Stasiński, Żywiec 2017
Local name: wabik, gwizdek
Classification: 4 Aerophones / 42 Wind instruments proper / 421 Edge instruments or flutes / 421.2 Flutes with duct or duct flutes / 421.22 Flutes with internal duct / 421.221 (Single) flutes with internal duct / 421.221.3 Stopped flutes with internal duct / 421.221.31 Without fingerholes / 421.221.311 Stopped flutes with internal duct, without fingerholes, with fixed stopped lower end
Maker: Szczotka Franciszek
Date: 1980
Village / Town: Kiczyce
Region: the Carpathian region (Beskid Żywiecki)
Country: Poland
Owner: The Municipal Museum of Żywiec – The Old Castle, Department of Ethnography
Inventory number: MŻ-E/1865
Description: short, cylindrical body made of a tree branch covered with bark; no fingerholes; lower end stopped; relatively big diameter to length ratio; a little ball placed inside the duct gives the instrument a specific tone
Measurements: 50 x 30 mm
Materials: wood
Sound compass, tuning: single sound whose pitch depends on the size of the instrument; the player may reach the upper octave or perfect twelfth by overblowing; when blown lighter it may produce a glissando slide down a minor third; tuning depends on the instrument's length
Performance practice: attracting goshawks; originally used for hunting, in hunting magic practices, contemporarily used as a toy for children
Catalog card by: The Municipal Museum of Żywiec / Zbigniew Jerzy Przerembski

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