photo: Waldemar Kielichowski © Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw

Local name: kolanówka
Classification: 4 Aerophones / 41 Free aerophones / 412 Interruptive free aerophones / 412.1 Idiophonic interruptive aerophones or reeds / 412.13 Free reeds / 412.132 Sets of free reeds / 412.132-62-8 Sets of free reeds with flexible air reservoir, with keyboard
Maker: Unknown
Date: end of the 19th c.
Region: Silesia
Country: Poland
Owner: Museum of Folk Musical Instruments in Szydłowiec
Inventory number: MLIM/MS/583
Measurements: 328 x 252 x 160 mm
Materials: wood, metal, leather
Performance practice: when playing the musican moves the bellows not only with his hands but also knees
Catalog card by: Maria Jost / Zbigniew Przerembski

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