violin (fiddle)

photo: Waldemar Kielichowski © Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw

Local name: oktawka, oktawki, oktobka
Classification: 3 Chordofony / 32 Chordofony złożone / 321 Lutnie / 321.3 Lutnie drzewcowe / 321.32 Lutnie szyjkowe / 321.322 Skrzynkowe lutnie szyjkowe lub gitary szyjkowe / 321.322-71 Skrzynkowe lutnie szyjkowe lub gitary szyjkowe pobudzane smyczkiem
Maker: Mentel Stanisław
Date: 1981
Village / Town: Zborowice
Region: Lesser Poland
Country: Polska
Owner: Musical Instrument Museum, department of the National Museum in Poznań
Inventory number: MNP I 1213
Description: a small instrument; back plate and ribs carved from one piece of wood; f-holes without crosswise cuts; no purfling
Decoration: zoomorphic pegbox/scroll (eagle's head)
Materials: 499 x 157 x 29 mm
Sound compass, tuning: in 5th
Catalog card by: Janusz Jaskulski / Zbigniew J. Przerembski

Pieniny fiddle; Jan Kubik; rec. Ciechanowiec 2012; ISPAN

The Ogrodnik Dance; I Watered my Horse in the Brook; The Jan Knutelski Band from Krościenko: Jan Knutelski (1930-1995), violin, vocals, Stanisław Michałczak (b. 1959), violin, vocals, Karol Młynarczyk (b. 1926), violin, vocals, Piotr Cedzidło (b. 1961), violin, vocals, Marian Jarosz (b. 1950), double bass; rec. Zakopane 1985; Sources of Polish Folk Music

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