lenten cart cog rattle

photo: Waldemar Kielichowski © Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw

Local name: terkotka, gregot
Classification: 1 Idiophones / 11 Struck idiophones / 112 Indirectly struck idiophones / 112.2 Scraped idiophones / 112.24 Scraped wheels or cog rattles
Maker: Unknown
Date: first half ot the 20th c.
Village / Town: Krotoszyn
Region: Greater Poland
Country: Poland
Owner: Ethnographic Museum, department of the National Museum in Poznań
Inventory number: MNP E 4270
Description: a cog roller with wheels on its both ends and three tongues fixed in a frame with handles; when the whole cart is moving, the tongues strike the teeth of the roller
Measurements: height 1130 mm, width 450 mm
Materials: wood
Performance practice: formerly used to make ritual noise during the folk Koledari ceremonies, and instead of church bells during the Holy Week
Catalog card by: Aneta Skibińska / Zbigniew J. Przerembski

cog rattle; rec. Museum of Sound

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