hunting horn

photo: Waldemar Kielichowski © Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw

Classification: 4 Aerophones / 42 Wind instruments proper / 423 Labrosones (or lip-reed instruments) / 423.1 Natural labrosones / 423.12 Tubular labrosones / 423.121 End-blown labrosones / 423.121.2 End-blown labrosones with curved or folded tubes / 423.121.21 End-blown labrosones with curved or folded tubes, without mouthpiece
Maker: Unknown
Date: 20th c.
Region: Greater Poland
Country: Poland
Owner: Ethnographic Museum, department of the National Museum in Poznań
Inventory number: MNP E 318
Description: a buffalo horn with ferrules made of brass sheet at both ends and in the middle (with an eye for hanging)
Measurements: 560 mm
Materials: horn, brass sheet
Performance practice: hunting signal horn
Catalog card by: Aneta Skibińska

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