shepherd’s bell (sheep's bell)

photo: Waldemar Kielichowski © Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw

Local name: kłapac, zbyrcok
Classification: 1 Idiophones / 11 Struck idiophones / 111 Idiophones struck directly / 111.2 Percussion idiophones / 111.24 Percussion vessels / 111.242 Bells / 111.242.1 (Individual) Bells / 111.242.12 Suspended bells / 111.242.122 Clapper bells
Maker: Unknown
Date: 20th c.
Region: Carpathian area (Podhale)
Country: Poland
Owner: Museum of Folk Musical Instruments in Szydłowiec
Inventory number: MLIM/MS/1601
Description: trapezoidal form
Measurements: 76 x 72 mm
Materials: metal
Performance practice: hung on sheep’s neck as a signalization (formerly also for apotropaic purposes)
Catalog card by: Zbigniew J. Przerembski

shepherd's bells and harness bells; rec. MLIM

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